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Kasha J.

Uncle’s Hawaiian Grindz

Hawaiian Cuisine Anyone?

This farm 2 table fusion style restaurant is a win for me. Will I be returning? Yes!
I heard of this spot through a friend and had to check it out. I’ve been looking for a Hawaiian style restaurant for some time and could not find one. Finally, through the power of sharing and a food review I booked myself a lunch date; with myself that is.

(Hey, if you can’t date yourself how do you expect anyone else to want to, right?)

I’m that girl who loves trying new and different food and who doesn’t love a good island dish?
I went for lunch, so the place wasn’t crowded but I did ask for a quiet corner. My date and I didn’t want to hear conversations from other tables. They ask if it’s your first visit then hand you a little booklet on the restaurant. The bartender dropped some fun facts like: how the restaurant how prides itself on fresh food, and they only use products from local farms (Farm to Table), and mostly within just a few miles from its location.

The setting wasn’t the typical Hawaiian cliche theme with surf boards, sharks and leis all over the place. It was very clean, fresh, and decor was minimal… not overwhelming with a tropical theme. The playlist: Caribbean and reggae music. Love it!

The Food
I absolutely hate going to a restaurant and having to look through a menu over & over & over again because there is nothing that appeals to me or the options are lacking.

Ha! I did look at this menu over & over again because there was so much to choose from. Everything looked and sounded delicious (Maikaʻi) I decided on 1 of the 3 samplers-
Uncle’s Mix Plate Which has the Huli chicken, shrimp skewer and (because I don’t do beef or pork) they subbed the beef with Katsu chicken, and Asian stir fry. You also get two sides

(I wasn’t expecting), white rice and macaroni salad. Complemented with a Pineapple Mojito.
All for $16 plus $7.50 for the drink.
Satisfied with my food; my only con was the wetness of my stir fry. The veggies seemed to be a little too soft; I think it was the soy sauce.
More awesomeness…
So, I get my check and noticed a they add AND match 25 cents for as a donation to the “Food Bridge organization”. Of course, you can opt out but really, it’s only 25 cents, and they match it! How beautiful is that?! Oha! (sharing)
-Customer service was great & was the staff was very friendly. I wished I had room for dessert.
Next time I may start with that. Seriously. A dessert sampler would be great! Wishful thinking…

Another fun fact. The chef- Chef Chee has a list of accolades including awards and TV appearances including a few from the Food Network. Kudos! This is him!