So, Red is for WHOres?

Do we still have the mindset that red lips represent “Whoration”? (I know that’s not a word; but it is today!). It’s not us; it’s them. “Them” as in the biddies. I laugh at the suggestion that somehow wearing red lips can imply that you physically “screw” everything in your path. In all honesty, we are aware of this unspoken rule of what red represents, as far as lips are concerned, however, for people, women, in this day to still think that 

Sounds… well, a bit stupid. To be honest they were being messy too.. On purpose.

When I hear women say, “Red makes me look like a hooker.” I just wanna say “Shut  Uuuup!”

So, here’s my little story. I remember sitting and have lunch somewhere and this day I was wearing red lipstick. Not tomato red, or a nude red, …. No, it was more of a “What can I do for you daddy?” Hooker red; you know. (Insert smug face here). Anyway, the conversation at the next table “all of a sudden” got louder when discussing red lips. Yeah, apparently the conversation was about me, but the bitter old biddies wanted me to hear it.

One biddy says, “I don’t wear red lips, it makes you look like a prostitute.” The other says “Yea, it looks whorish”. 

I laughed. I was seriously tickled. I happen to see prostitutes as entrepreneurs; if you will. They are business women. Providing a service for passive income. So, to biddy #1 and biddy #2, “If red lips makes me look like a business woman I’ll take it.”

Hookers/prostitutes also where foundation, mascara, glasses, skirts and heels. It’s a COLOR! Colors enhance. Gothics wear black, Lots of young girls where pink. This is along the lines of the old myth that you can only wear a white wedding dress if you are a virgin. Who the fuck came up with that?! I know who. It was some old biddy who wanted to be nosey and know whose getting it in. And everybody fell for it. 

Colors have moods. Red is a color of attraction and eroticism, and a color of power.
Ironically a few days later someone, a stranger “jokingly” but she was serious says to me; “Sugah’ that red looks nice on ya’ but you know what they say about women in red lips?” (She didn’t know I was ready) I said “Yeah, they are powerful business women”. She looks confused and says “No, they are women of the night.” She whispered. You know have sex with men for money”. As if I didn’t know what Women of the night meant.  I shook my head, “Yeah, powerful business women.” Blank stare. I smile and walked off and simply told her to enjoy her afternoon.

“Here’s to the women who love a good Fire Engine, Lady of the Night, Hooker, Come Fuck Me Now, What Can I Do for You Tonight Daddy, Come See What These Lips Do; red lip.”

And if someone tells you your lips are too big to wear red you tell them “They are the perfect size for everything else, red will do.”

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