My Stocking-Stuffer Faves!

Need ideas for stocking stuffers? OR small gift ideas?

Here are a few of my faves!

Remember, gift giving does not have to drain your accounts or put you in debt.

  1. Gift Cards that don’t expire and don’t charge per transactions ——–> Here You Go!
  2. Think outside the box. A great gift for travelers could be an e-card to their fave airlines. $50 may seem like a small purchase for an airline but the traveler will appreciate you for it! ——–> Here you go!
  3. Customized coffee/tea mug; if you really like them you can add the accessories like a loose leaf infuser
  4. Perfume Samples. If you have someone who loves collecting fragrances from the latest, bag them up some vials…
  5. Mini candles  for the candle lover. My faves are candle melts.
  6. Essence Magazine. The best afro magazine….. The subscription is cheap but the publication is bountiful!  ——–> Here you go! 
  7. Dessert Jars! Include your fave dry recipe that everyone loves or personalize it and gift everyone their fave dessert. Remember, no liquids, so there’s no rush to make them or keep it cool.
  8. Dollar Tree Finds. Need I say more? If you have a good eye you can come up with some great ideas. Don’t sleep on Dollar Tree!
  9. A collection of photo frames.
  10. For the Writer. A cutesy journal and pen from Home Goods or TJ Maxx is a win!
  11. Flash Cards for the kiddies. Again, don’t sleep on Dollar Tree! Put together a fun learning package.
  12. For the crafter… Go to step 8 and start there!
  13. I love Vision Boards! Supplies for just that will make the perfect gift for the Inspired one.
  14. Netflix? Of course! Netflix gift codes are in order for any occasion. You can give one month to get them started or a whole year1
  15. Five Below! Just go!


    >>>>A U.S. Passport!! What?!

    They will love you for at least another 10 years! 

Did any of these ideas inspire you? Tell me below which one or share your fave idea with the rest of us! Happy gifting!

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