Havana, Cuba

kasha kollective

My 10 on Cuba!

I liked being away from the rest of the world. I was okay with not having internet easily to access, but I was prepared as well with a few pre-installed offline apps. A few Spanish words and a bit of charades will get you by.

kasha kollective
  1. The live performances at the Plaza in Vedado & Sia-Kara Café, a small cozy bar in Havana. Live singing & crowd participation. It was great! 
  2. I love the small airport. 2 doors; One for departure and one for arrival.
  3. My apartment was great! I really would have loved to stay in Old Havana for the atmosphere but at the last minute I opted for the cheaper option and rented an apartment on the Malcon. The view was beautiful, and I made sure my rental had a/c.
  4. The beauty of the old styled city, architect and cars. 
  5. My flight was super cheap!
  6. On our way back from Vedado our driver promised us the best Pina Coladas; Who says no to that?
  7. We stopped at a gift shop bar on a mountain top in Matanzas which gives an amazing view of the Bacynayagua bridge and the banana plantation in the Vinales Valley.
  8. Flagging a taxi was super easy. Most times I didn’t have to. They pull over to you.
  9. Mr. Mangos in La Habana, a 24 hour bar at the corner from my apartment. 
  10. Espacios Tapas in Playa Havana has great outdoor ambiance. The same goes for El Concinero rooftop dining. 
kasha kollective

For the people- One of the 12 required categories for U.S. citizens

  • ​I opted to rent an apartment in support of the locals. 
  • My traveling sisters and I donated some supplies to a foster home for “children with no mothers”. Just a small gesture that only cost a few bucks to make some kids’ day. We were not allowed to get pictures of the children (their policy), but the gifts were greatly appreciated.  We had a collection of books donated, pencils, sanitary supplies for girls, snacks and crayons to name a few.
  • People will offer you services like a tour guide or a home cooked meal from their kitchen for a price. Don’t be rude. Just politely say “no Bueno”, and keep it moving If you are not interested. This is how they survive. Hey, at least they are offering a service.
kasha kollective

I hope to make a do over trip some time soon as I dd not get a chance to see all that I had planned to.

I love crowd participation so comment below… Have you visited Cuba yet? If so, what was the highlight of your trip?

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