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OMG! It’s been a whole entire year already (and some change) since I shared my first blog post and “Didn’t put baby in the corner.” I have a long way to go to reach my goal but I’m super proud of myself for 3 reasons; 

KashaKollective launched in 2018 but the anticipation for her started about 1 year plus before that. People would tell me all the time that I should start blogging or create a website because I always have a lot of good stuff to share, that I inspired and I travel much which meant I always had travel stories and gave great advice. Funny enough, when I started blogging, I stopped traveling. “Priorities” (insert a hard eye roll here)

My topic is Life, and all the things adding to it. I didn’t and don’t want to box myself. I write about Relationships, Money, Travel, Food, Inspiration… Life-“

As apprehensive as I was taking this leap. I did it. I’ve always been a writer for as long as I can remember but usually for myself. Always afraid that no one would read my content and I’d be wasting my time. I wrote my 1st post and hit the publish button and my heartbeat increased. If never I knew what anxiety felt like up to that moment I’m pretty sure I did at-that-moment.

Here’s my 1st post <<<

There are so many things I’m learning while blogging that I wish I had known or was prepared for; But I just rolled with it.

There is work behind the work!

Check out my last travel related post

I’ve also met a few great people, women who are bloggers as well. I’ve learned that the blogger community is one of the most supportive for the most part, and in most cases, more than the ones know you.

It felt like forever to come up with on a brand blog name. It took me over a month and several pieces of paper to come up with “KashaKollective.” I had to choose a name that felt good and made sense. I often challenge myself and as of lately it’s been KKL. I still have ways to go. KKL is just starting.

For those of you who have clicked a linked, commented on or shared a post; I thank you with my whole-heartedly …

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