21 Ideas to Entertain Your Downtime

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So, we’ve all been put on house arrest, punishment, on lock down, put in the corner, no recess and on quarantine whether we have the COVID or not, and of course it’s for our own safety. Outside has been officially shut down!

We went from planning Spring and Summer to deciding which room in the house we’re spending our day in tomorrow. Some, thankfully not me, have to entertain kids and hopefully you start valuing your teachers if you haven’t before.

As an introvert, I don’t mind being in the house. MY issue is when everyone else has to be in the house with ME. Yeah. Meanwhile, extroverts are losing their minds!

I’m sharing some of my “ING’s” to help the rest of us get through this chaos, mentally.

Meditate. Practice being still. I listen to Binaural Beats with headphones; so everything else is blocked out. My mind is always running in circles with thoughts, ideas and processes. It helps me focus, sleep and energize.

Mix up a natural recipe from random things you find in your house and have a spa day. 

Learn a new language, even if it’s the basics. Duolingo and Learn 50 Languages are great apps but there’s plenty of others. (I struggle with this). I’ve been trying to learn Yoruba for the past 3 years!

Create a vision board! You don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year. Your goals start when you start. Get Started!

Learn yourself something! Udemy, Universal Class; there’s so many online platform for learning a new hobby, trade, or picking up some new knowledge. This is a great way to add on to your resume as well.

LEARN to play UNO the right way; so every game doesn’t turn into a knife fight; like Spades.

Photo by Simon Ray on Unsplash

Try a new recipe. Wake up those taste buds.

Family movie night! Introduce them to our childhood faves. I’ve introduced my nephew to Adams Family, Goonies, and he loves them. 

Use social apps to “social distance” creatively. Zoom, FaceTime, HouseParty, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, IG Live, Skype to video chat. You can host a dance party or a have dinner together.

Photo by Nashua Volquez from Pexels

Interview the elders in your family! “Old people” as they are mostly called are not boring. They are full of discoveries, and experiences, and memories, oh, and entertainment.

Create mood board collages  from your camera roll or stock photos. Here are a few of mine last year that I added to my Vision Book. They represent Calm, Energy (Blue my fave color) and Laid Back.

My fellow Wanderlusters! Ever wonder what the streets of Madrid, Amalfi Coast and Barcelona looks like without the crowds? View live tourist cams and skylines around the world without the crowds in the way. LIVE!

Get that podcast or video started! You have a mobile device and a social account you’re in! Gotta start somewhere.

Can’t afford an Ivy League school? You can take free courses at Class Central Who knew?! CHECK IT OUT.

DJ’s have been saving our lives since lock-down! I’ve been tuning in to IG live’s from Questlove, D-Nice Biz Markie.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Netflix Party-discussion afterwards.

Listen to music from another culture/country. Yes! Even if you don’t understand the words. Honestly, do we even understand all the words to songs that are played here in the U.S.? Noooo! I randomly listen to K-Pop.

Do something creative. Art is mental therapy. Fluid painting is next on my crafting list.

Start an indoor Hydroponic garden. You don’t need any messy soil and you can grow you own herbs.

Introduce yourself to someone new and expand your network. You never know who you will meet. Hey I’m Kasha, Content Creator for KashaKollective.. I see you are a xxxx, how can we collab?

Finally you have extra time to draft up that business idea.

What are you doing to keep yourself entertained?

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7 thoughts on “21 Ideas to Entertain Your Downtime

  1. I love uno the right way and the food tip of mix it up is my scary last memory. I love when you mix it up because you be determined to enjoy it no matter what lol.

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