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I Can’t Afford to Travel! Most common complaint I hear.

“Yeah you can.”

Truthfully, you can afford to do whatever it is you want. You just have to want it bad enough! You simply save for it like you would for anything else. See!

Here is a quick list of things you can do and some that I’ve done as well. I’ve done them all, actually. Most I’m sure you’ve heard many times before, and some you have probably never thought of… but, at the very top of my list-

​(Not just for travel but this can be applied to anything. Just building your savings is enough)

1.      Cable! Do you really, truly need it? I think we can all agree there is nothing in cable T.V. I’m sure we have all repeated to ourselves many times “there’s never anything good on.” Right? $200 to watch T.V. is ridiculous. Especially, when the only thing that’s on is reality T.V. These people are already seeing the world, and guess who’s paying for it?! There are plenty of other inexpensive options to sub it with. You’re on a mission!

2.      Take Your Meals to Work and stop supporting the vending machines. Make your coffee drinks at home. By the time you spend $8 on breakfast, $10 on lunch/dinner per day… you could have spent $30 on groceries for the week and pack your own food. You’re on a mission!

3.      While we’re talking about cutting down on bills… let’s talk about that cell phone. Every now and then I do a review of my bill. I make sure I’m not being charged for anything extra. I recently found out I had been overcharged for previous months on services that were added to my account that I did not authorize. It resulted in a $200 plus credit!

4.      While we’re talking about phones; re-evaluate your phone plan. Having unlimited everything sounds fabulous but if you are not using it you may be able to save a good chunk of money.

5.      Think twice, even 3 times about your purchases and splurges. You’re on a mission!

6.      Charge for your services. Driving people around, babysitting, doing someone’s hair… and the list goes on; these are services. It’s okay to be compensated. It’s okay to charge, even if it’s not a lot. You are on a mission!

7.      Start a business, a side hustle, side business, or gig, share your expertise… whatever you want to call it. Find your passion (there’s a market for everything). Get creative-have a movie night or a fight party and charge at the door. Put a plan into action and get your coins up! You’re on a mission!

8.      Save on electric and gas. DO you really need the a/c running? You’re on a mission!

9.      Eating out. I love eating out. I cut it down as much as I can, but I don’t get sucked into the menu. You don’t need to have an appetizer, entrée, and dessert, oh and an $8.00 drink. Unless I have a taste for something specific, and appetizer is big enough to be a meal. You can buy a whole bottle for $10-$15). You’re on a mission!

10. Do your own hair, mani’s & pedi’s (at least sometimes). I know, I know, there’s nothing like being pampered, but… You’re on a mission!

11. Buy a water filter and fill up your own bottle instead of buying endless bottles of H2O, (yeah, I know I could have just said water). You have a mission!

12. Drug store makeup. There is always a sale on cosmetics. Who passes up a BOGO sale? Do you really need to spend $20 on a lippie? You have a mission!

13. Tax money! Enough said. (invest “in a business”, profit, save, travel, repeat). You have a mission!

14. Try generic prescriptions instead of name brand. They work the same. You have a mission!

15. Rent a room to someone; even if you can afford your mortgage or rent. That’s an extra “at least” $400 a month in your pocket. I know most of us hate having a roommate or other people in our house but for a 6-month lease that’s $2400. You have a mission!

16. Traveling with the whole family? Purchase 1 passport per month and plan for your destination.

·         You’re not being CHEAP; you’re being FRUGAL and SMART. You have a mission!

·         Pay yourself, not the designers you are giving your hard earned hourly dollars to. They stay on vacation. Thanks to you!


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