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kasha kollective

More than just another blog; but my personal collection of love, inspiration, food, with a piece of travel, my sense of humor if you can catch it… and just everyday things. I have a passion for exploring, experiencing, living, &  sharing

I’m full of surprises and a little bit of everything! It’s like having a really good chunk of pound cake (because who really cuts a single serving slice) and tasting a different ingredient with each bite. Yep!, that’s me! I’m not always politically correct, and I don’t intend to be; Judge me.

As I mature, I find that I like to share more, help more, my mindset has shifted and even my passions in life have changed. And, while there’s always room for growth,  so far, I’m impressed. 

In my small space of the world wide web real estate you will find little pieces of me as I will try to share as much good content as I can remember to without this baby getting “put in the corner.”

Ha!, So much for a girl whose private.​

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